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Sessions with me will be $185 for a first appointment, $165 for individual therapy, and $185 for family therapy. I all major credit cards including healthcare savings account cards.

I am not in network with any insurance providers.

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Request an appointment for a free 15-minute phone call at the orange link below. We’ll talk about your needs and whether Flourish is a good match for you. I have just few spaces available. Or send me an email at and we’ll find a good time to talk


After we schedule our first appointment, I'll send you a login for so you can review my policies for communication, privacy, payment through my client portal. You can also download worksheets and billing statements here. Enter the portal →

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Drive, bike, walk, or take the CW, J, or F, bus to visit me at Flourish.  Parking is available in the lots both next to and behind the building. I recommend taking the outside stairs right on Lloyd St. and you'll find me on the right-hand side in Suite 208. 

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